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Lattice Field Theory




Research activities:

Our research focuses on the physics of strongly coupled systems in elementary particle theory and statistical field theory, that we study with analytical (effective field theory, string theory and conformal field theory) as well as numerical (Monte Carlo simulations on the lattice) techniques.

Currently, the main problems addressed by our group include:

  • the properties of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and other strongly coupled non-Abelian gauge theories at finite temperature;
  • the problem of confinement in non-Abelian gauge theories, and its theoretical description in terms of an effective string theory;
  • the non-perturbative bootstrap approach to study conformal field theories in more than two dimensions, and its extension to non-unitary theories;
  • the non-perturbative formulation of supersymmetric theories on a lattice, using exact formulations based on the "twisting" and on the "super-doubler" approaches.


Our group is part of the  Statistical Field Theory (SFT) scientific initiative ( of the Italian Nuclear Physics Institute (INFN,, and cooperation partner of the international Gauge Theory as an Integrable System (GATIS) network (, funded by the European Commission.

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