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Determination of Exposure for extreme energy cosmic rays and nuclearites for TUS orbital detector

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Programma di ricerca
Analisi dati teoria e simulazioni dello studio di Astrofisica
€ 24.000
01/09/2019 - 01/03/2021
Prof. Mario Edoardo Bertaina

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Descrizione del progetto

TUS (Track Ultraviolet Setup) is the first orbital detector aimed to check the possibility of recording Extreme-Energy Cosmic Rays (EECRs) events at E > 100 EeV by measuring the fluorescence signal of Extensive Air Showers (EAS) in the atmosphere. TUS is a mission funded by the Russian Space Agency ROSCOSMOS, and has operated as a part of the scientific payload of the Lomonosov satellite since April 2016. During the 2017 call, the data collected by TUS have been used to search for EECRs and for possible strangelets (nuclearites) and determine their properties through comparison with simulated candidates making use of the ESAF (EUSO Simulation and Analysis Framework) software. The plan of the present project is to perform a dedicated study of the exposure acquired so far by TUS in EECRs and nuclearites modes. This study is extremely important in view of the future space-based missions related to EECRs such as Mini-EUSO, K-EUSO and POEMMA.


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