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Linea A - From Darklight to Dark Matter: understanding the galaxy/matter connection to measure the Universe

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€ 157.000
03/11/2019 - 03/11/2022
Prof. Marco Regis

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Descrizione del progetto

We are living in the golden age of cosmology. We have a standard cosmological model, capable of accounting for virtually all observations.

Yet, 95% of the ingredients in this model are "dark substances", and are neither understood, nor physically detected. Dark matter and dark energy research very often have been taking different paths. With this PRIN we aim at filling this gap, by bringing together on one side leading researchers in the field of dark energy and galaxy redshift surveys and on another experts in dark matter searches. The common ingredient of the two approaches is the use of large galaxy catalogues, both real and simulated, to understand the nature of the dark sector. 

This project brings them together, enabling crucial synergies on the optimal use of these data and their simulations. This project will enable touching upon questions that range from how to best test General Relativity using galaxies, to understanding the effect of massive neutrinos on the observed large-scale structure, to hopefully detecting first signals of dark matter particles decaying, which would be a revolutionary discovery.


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