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Turbulence and Waves



The Turbulence and Waves Group at the University of Torino (TWT) focuses on the  theoretical, numerical and experimental investigation of non-linear phenomena in fluid dynamics. The main activities of the group are

- Eulerian and Lagrangian properties of fluid  turbulence in two and three dimensions
- Turbulent and chaotic transport of inertial and active species, e.g. inertial particles, polymers.
- Turbulent convection and geophisical flows

- Plankton behaviour in turbulence

- Nonlinear dynamics: rogue waves, solitons and breathers

- Statistical properties of interacting waves: the weak wave turbulence approach
- Ocean waves

The group takes part in:

  • INFN FieldTurb project:
  • COST Action MP1305 "Flowing Matter":
  • EuHIT

Prodotti della ricerca

A spotlight on some of our research

Large-scale confinement and small-scale clustering of floating particles in stratified turbulence
A. Sozza, F. De Lillo, S. Musacchio, and G. Boffetta
Physical Review Fluids 1, 052401(R) (2016).

Flight-crash events in turbulence
Haitao Xu, Alain Pumir, Gregory Falkovich, Eberhard Bodenschatz, Michael Shats, Hua Xia, Nicolas Francois and Guido Boffetta
PNAS 111, 7558 (2014).

Turbulence drives microscale patches of motile phytoplankton
William M. Durham, Eric Climent, Michael Barry, Filippo De Lillo, Guido Boffetta, Massimo Cencini, and Roman Stocker
Nature Communications 4, 2148 (2013).

Experimental Observation and Theoretical Description of Multisoliton
Fission in Shallow Water
S Trillo, G Deng, G Biondini, M Klein, GF Clauss, A Chabchoub, M. Onorato
Physical Review Letters 117 (14), 144102 (2016)

Route to thermalization in the α-Fermi–Pasta–Ulam system
M Onorato, L Vozella, D Proment, YV Lvov
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (14), 4208-4213 (2015)

Rogue waves and their generating mechanisms in different physical contexts
M Onorato, S Residori, U Bortolozzo, A Montina, FT Arecchi
Physics Reports 528 (2), 47-89 (2013)

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