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Raffaella Bonino


Researcher in Experimental Physics

PLS coordinator

Matteo Leone

0116703240 / 7433

Associate Professor in Didactics and History of Physics at the Dep. of Philosophy and Educational Science, Univ. Turin

Director of the Museum of Physics

Daniela Marocchi


Retired Associate Professor of Experimental Physics

former PLS coordinator



 Marta Rinaudo 


PhD project “Toward and integrated museum of physics in Piedmont” (XXXII cycle)


 Antonio Amoroso


Research technician


The research group in Didactics and History of Physics works in the field of Physics education, both at the primary and at the secondary school levels, and in the field of History of Physics.

The Physics education activities are aimed at studying student’s prior knowledge and learning achievements in formal and informal learning settings. A number of these activities are part of the Scientific Degrees Plan (PLS) financed by the Italian Ministry of Education.

As for the History of Physics, the group is currently working on the history of the collection of physics instruments preserved by the Physics Museum of the University of Turin and by high school physics cabinets in Turin and the Piedmont. The goal is to address the possible role of these collections within the physics and science education. This work is conducted in collaboration with the Historical Archives of the University of Turin and with the Network of School Museums of the City of Turin.

Scientific Degree Plan (PLS) Activities

Museum of Physics web site  (under restyling):

Sistema Museale di Ateneo:

Network of Scool Museums of the City of Turin:



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