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Astrophysical plasmas and high-energy astrophysics

Astrophysical plasmas and high-energy astrophysics



Settore ERC

PE6_12 - Scientific computing, simulation and modelling tools
PE9_10 - Relativistic astrophysics and compact objects
PE9_12 - High-energy and particle astronomy


The high-energy astorphysical group has a leading role in the field of numerical simulations and phenomenology of the most violent phenomena in the Universe.

  • Analytical and numerical MHD modelling for high-energy astrophysical objects;
  • Development and distribution of the PLUTO code for computational plasma astrophysics;
  • Linear and nonlinear stability of plasma instabilities;
  • Numerical studies of the jet-ambient interaction and of the jet origin;
  • Laboratory experiment of hypersonic jets;
  • Phenomenology, evolution, and large-scale environment of radio sources: from observations to numerical simulations;
  • Acceleration mechanisms and non-thermal emission processes occurring in extragalactic jets;
  • Magnetic reconnection;
  • Phenomenology of blazars.

Prodotti della ricerca

Obscuring Environment and X-Ray Variability of Compact Symmetric Objects Unveiled with XMM-Newton and NuSTAR M.Sobolewska, A.Siemiginowska, G. Migliori, L.Ostorero, Ł. Stawarz, M. Guainazzi  2023-05-09 ApJ 948, 81

The Origin of High-energy Emission in the Young Radio Source PKS 1718-649
M.Sobolewska, G. Migliori, L.Ostorero, A.Siemiginowska, Ł. Stawarz, M. Guainazzi, M. Hardcastle 2022-12-02 ApJ 941, 52

A Novel Method for Estimating the Ambient Medium Density Around Distant Radio Sources from Their Observed Radio Spectra 
A. Wójtowicz, Ł. Stawarz, J. Machalski, L.Ostorero

2021-11-30 ApJ 922, 197

Mid‑infrared properties of a sample of the most compact radio galaxies
E. Kosmaczewski, Ł. Stawarz, C.C. Cheung, D. Kozieł-Wierzbowska, V. Marchenko, L. Ostorero, A. Siemiginowska, M. Sobolewska, A. Wójtowicz
2021-11 AN 342, 1102

Mid‑infrared diagnostics of the circumnuclear environments of the youngest radio galaxies
E. Kosmaczewski, Ł. Stawarz, A. Siemiginowska, C.C. Cheung, L. Ostorero,  M. Sobolewska, D. Kozieł-Wierzbowska,  A. Wójtowicz, V. Marchenko
2020-07-15 ApJ 897, 164

The impact of resistive electric fields on particle acceleration in reconnection layers 2022-01-01 E Puzzoni; A Mignone; G Bodo

Current-driven kink instabilities in relativistic jets: dissipation properties
2022-01-01 Bodo, G; Mamatsashvili, G; Rossi, P; Mignone, A

A comparison of approximate non-linear Riemann solvers for Relativistic MHD
2022-01-01 Mattia, G; Mignone, A

Making Fanaroff-Riley I radio sources
2022-01-01 S. Massaglia, G. Bodo, P. Rossi, A. Capetti, A. Mignone

A numerical study of the interplay between Fermi acceleration mechanisms in radio lobes of FR-II radio galaxies
2022-01-01 Kundu S.; Vaidya B.; Mignone A.; Hardcastle M.J.

Modelling X-shaped radio galaxies: Dynamical and emission signatures from the Back-flow model
2022-01-01 Giri G.; Vaidya B.; Rossi P.; Bodo G.; Mukherjee D.; Mignone A.

A numerical approach to the non-uniqueness problem of cosmic ray two-fluid equations at shocks
2021-01-01 Gupta, Siddhartha; Sharma, Prateek; Mignone, Andrea

Numerical study of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and its effect on synthetic emission from magnetized jets
2021-01-01 Borse N.; Acharya S.; Vaidya B.; Mukherjee D.; Bodo G.; Rossi P.; Mignone A.

Short gamma-ray burst jet propagation in binary neutron star merger environments
2021-01-01 Pavan, Andrea; Ciolfi, Riccardo; Kalinani, Jay V; Mignone, Andrea

Simulating the dynamics and synchrotron emission from relativistic jets – II. Evolution of non-thermal electrons
2021-01-01 Mukherjee, Dipanjan; Bodo, Gianluigi; Rossi, Paola; Mignone, Andrea; Vaidya, Bhargav

Streaming instability in a global patch simulation of protoplanetary disks
2021-01-01 Flock M.; Mignone A.

Morphology of radio relics-I. What causes the substructure of synchrotron emission?
2021-01-01 Dominguez-Fernandez P.; Bruggen M.; Vazza F.; Banda-Barragan W.E.; Rajpurohit K.; Mignone A.; Mukherjee D.; Vaidya B.

Acceleration of Solar Energetic Particles by the Shock of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejection
2021-01-01 Mondal, SS; Sarkar, A; Vaidya, B; Mignone, A

Numerical modeling and physical interplay of stochastic turbulent acceleration for nonthermal emission processes
2021-01-01 Kundu S.; Vaidya B.; Mignone A.

Reconstruction of the Parker spiral with the Reverse in situ data and MHD APproach - RIMAP
2021-01-01 Biondo R.; Bemporad A.; Mignone A.; Reale F.

A two-moment radiation hydrodynamics scheme applicable to simulations of planet formation in circumstellar disks
2021-01-01 Fuksman J.D.M.; Klahr H.; Flock M.; Mignone A.

Systematic construction of upwind constrained transport schemes for MHD
2021-01-01 Mignone A.; Del Zanna L.

On the impact of the numerical method on magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration - I. The MHD case
2021-01-01 Puzzoni, E; Mignone, A; Bodo, G

Laboratory disruption of scaled astrophysical outflows by a misaligned magnetic field
2021-01-01 Revet G.; Khiar B.; Filippov E.; Argiroffi C.; Beard J.; Bonito R.; Cerchez M.; Chen S.N.; Gangolf T.; Higginson D.P.; Mignone A.; Olmi B.; Ouille M.; Ryazantsev S.N.; Skobelev I.Y.; Safronova M.I.; Starodubtsev M.; Vinci T.; Willi O.; Pikuz S.; Orlando S.; Ciardi A.; Fuchs J.

Simulations of protostar-driven photoionization in Herbig-Haro jets
2020-01-01 Z. Ahmane, A. Mignone, C. Zanni, S. Massaglia, A. Bouldjderi

SWELTO - Space WEather Laboratory in Turin Observatory
2020-01-01 Alessandro BEMPORAD; Lucia ABBO; Dario BARGHINI; Carlo BENNA; RUGGERO BIONDO; Donata BONINO; Gerardo CAPOBIANCO; Francesco CARELLA; Alberto CORA; Silvano FINESCHI; FEDERICA FRASSATI; Daniele GARDIOL; Silvio Giordano; ALESSANDRO LIBERATORE; Salvatore MANCUSO; Andrea MIGNONE; Stefania RASETTI; Fabio Reale; Alberto RIVA; Francesco SALVATI; ROBERTO SUSINO; Cosimo Antonio VOLPICELLI; Luca ZANGRILLI

Simulating the dynamics and non-thermal emission of relativistic magnetized jets I. Dynamics
2020-01-01 Mukherjee D.; Bodo G.; Mignone A.; Rossi P.; Vaidya B.

Particle-Gas Hybrid Schemes in the PLUTO Code
2020-01-01 Mignone A.; Vaidya B.; Puzzoni E.; Mukherjee D.; Bodo G.; Flock M.

On the jet production efficiency in a sample of the youngest radio galaxies
A. Wójtowicz, Ł. Stawarz,  C.C. Cheung, L. Ostorero, E. Kosmaczewski, A. Siemiginowska
2020-04-03 ApJ 892, 116


Makemake + Sedna: A Continuum Radiation Transport and Photoionization Framework for Astrophysical Newtonian Fluid Dynamics
2020-01-01 Kuiper R.; Yorke H.W.; Mignone A.

Making Faranoff-Riley I radio sources II. The effects of jet magnetization
2019-01-01 Massaglia, S.; Bodo, G.; Rossi, P.; Capetti, S.; Mignone, A.

A Particle Module for the PLUTO Code. III. Dust
2019-01-01 Mignone, A.; Flock, M.; Vaidya, B.

Linear stability analysis of magnetized relativistic rotating jets
2019-01-01 Bodo G.; Mamatsashvili G.; Rossi P.; Mignone A.

A radiative transfer module for relativistic magnetohydrodynamics in the PLUTO code
2019-01-01 Fuksman J.D.M.; Mignone A.

The Crab nebula in the light of three-dimensional relativistic MHD simulations
2019-01-01 Del Zanna L.; Olmi B.; Amato E.; Bucciantini N.; Mignone A.

A constrained transport method for the solution of the resistive relativistic MHD equations
2019-01-01 Mignone A.; Mattia G.; Bodo G.; Del Zanna L.

A Particle Module for the PLUTO code: II - Hybrid Framework for Modeling Non-thermal emission from Relativistic Magnetized flows
2018-01-01 B. Vaidya.; A. Mignone; G. Bodo; P. Rossi; S. Massaglia

A Particle Module for the PLUTO Code. I. An Implementation of the MHD–PIC Equations
2018-01-01 A. Mignone, G. Bodo, B. Vaidya, G. Mattia

Linear wave propagation for resistive relativistic magnetohydrodynamics
2018-01-01 A. Mignone, G. Mattia, G. Bodo

Magnetic Helicities and Dynamo Action in Magneto-rotational Turbulence
2017-01-01 Bodo, G.*; Cattaneo, F.; Mignone, A.; Rossi, P.

Scalable explicit implementation of anisotropic diffusion with Runge-Kutta-Legendre super-time stepping
2017-01-01 Vaidya, Bhargav; Prasad, Deovrat; Mignone, Andrea; Sharma, Prateek; Rickler, Luca

HESS J0632+057: Hydrodynamics and non-thermal emission
2017-01-01 Bosch-Ramon, Valentí; Barkov, Maxim V.; Mignone, Andrea; Bordas, Pol

Numerical Simulations of Torsional Alfvén Waves in Axisymmetric Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes
2017-01-01 Wójcik, D.*; Murawski, K.; Musielak, Z.E.; Konkol, P.; Mignone, A.

Bow shock nebulae of hot massive stars in a magnetized medium
2017-01-01 Meyer, D. M.-A.; Mignone, A.; Kuiper, R.; Raga, A. C.; Kley, W.

MHD Modeling: Aims, Usage, Scales Assessed, Caveats, Codes
2017-01-01 Mignone, A.

Numerical simulations of solar spicules: Adiabatic and non-adiabatic studies
2017-01-01 Kuźma, B.; Murawski, K.; Zaqarashvili, T.V.; Konkol, P.; Mignone, A.

Pulsed fusion space propulsion: Computational Magneto-Hydro Dynamics of a multi-coil parabolic reaction chamber
2017-01-01 Romanelli, Gherardo*; Mignone, Andrea; Cervone, Angelo

Linear stability analysis of magnetized jets: The rotating case
2016-01-01 Bodo, G.*; Mamatsashvili, G.; Rossi, P.; Mignone, A.

2016-01-01 F. Reale; S. Orlando; M. Guarrasi; A. Mignone; G. Peres; A.W. Hood; E.R. Priest

Multi-D magnetohydrodynamic modelling of pulsar wind nebulae: Recent progress and open questions
2016-01-01 Olmi, B.; Del Zanna, L.; Amato, E.; Bucciantini, N.; Mignone, A.

MHD simulations of three-dimensional resistive reconnection in a cylindrical plasma column
2016-01-01 Striani, E.*; Mignone, A.; Vaidya, B.; Bodo, G.; Ferrari, A.

Making Faranoff-Riley I radio sources.
2016-01-01 Massaglia, S.; Bodo, G.; Rossi, P.; Capetti, S.; Mignone, A.

Fully convective magneto-rotational turbulence in large aspect-ratio shearing boxes
2015-01-01 Bodo, G.; Cattaneo, F.; Mignone, A.; Rossi, P.

S. Massaglia, G. Bodo, P. Rossi, A. Capetti, A. Mignone
Making Faranoff-Riley I radio sources. I. Numerical hydrodynamic 3D simulations of low-power jets.
A&A, 596, 12 (2016)

B. Vaidya, A. Mignone, G. Bodo, S. Massaglia
Astrophysical fluid simulations of thermally ideal gases with non-constant adiabatic index: numerical implementation.
A&A, 580, 110 (2015)

High-order conservative reconstruction schemes for finite volume methods in cylindrical and spherical coordinates
2014-01-01 Mignone, A.*

Linear and non-linear evolution of current-carrying highly magnetized jets
2014-01-01 M. Anjiri, A. Mignone, G. Bodo, P. Rossi

Radiation hydrodynamics integrated in the PLUTO code
2013-01-01 Stefan M. Kolb;Matthias Stute;Wilhelm Kley;Andrea Mignone

MHD instabilities in accretion mounds - I. 2D axisymmetric simulations
2013-01-01 D. Mukherjee;D. Bhattacharya;A. Mignone

Effects of entropy generation in jet-launching discs
2013-01-01 Tzeferacos, P.; Ferrari, A.; Mignone, A.; Zanni, C.; Bodo, G.; Massaglia, S.

Linear stability analysis of magnetized relativistic jets: the non-rotating case
2013-01-01 G. Bodo;G. Mamatsashvili;P. Rossi;A. Mignone

The PLUTO Code for Adaptive Mesh Computations in Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
2012-01-01 A. Mignone; C. Zanni; P. Tzeferacos; B. van Straalen; P. Colella; G. Bodo

2012-01-01 G. Bodo; F. Cattaneo; A. Mignone; P. Rossi

Velocity asymmetries in young stellar object jets: Intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms
2012-01-01 T. Matsakos; N. Vlahakis; K. Tsinganos; K. Karampelas; C. Sauty; V. Cayatte; S. P. Matt; S. Massaglia; E. Trussoni; A. Mignone

A conservative orbital advection scheme for simulations of magnetized shear flows with the PLUTO code
2012-01-01 A. Mignone; M. Flock; M. Stute; S. M. Kolb; G. Muscianisi

A second-order unsplit Godunov scheme for cell-centered MHD:The CTU-GLM scheme
2010-01-01 A. Mignone; P. Tzeferacos

High-order Godunov schemes for global 3D MHD simulations of accretion disks. I. Testing the linear growth of the magneto-rotational instability
2010-01-01 M. Flock; N Dzyurkevich; H. Klahr; A. Mignone

High-resolution 3D relativistic MHD simulations of jets
2010-01-01 A. Mignone; P. Rossi; G. Bodo; A. Ferrari; S. Massaglia

M. Belan, D. Tordella, S. De Ponte, A. Mignone, S. Massaglia
Hypersonic jets in astrophysical conditions: focus on spreading and asymmetric stability properties.
NJPh, 16, 085002 (2014)

M. Stute, J. Gracia, N. Vlahakis, K. Tsinganos, A. Mignone, S. Massaglia
3D simulations of disc winds extending radially self-similar MHD models.
MNRAS, 439, 3641 (2014)

L. Ostorero, R. Moderski, L. Stawarz, A. Diaferio, I. Kowalska, C. C. Cheung, J. Kataoka, M. Begelman, S. J. Wagner
X-ray-Emitting GHz-Peaked-Spectrum Galaxies: Testing a Dynamical-Radiative Model with Broadband Spectra
ApJ, 715, 1071 (2010)

W. McConville, L. Ostorero, R. Moderski, L. Stawarz, C. C. Cheung, M. Ajello, A. Bouvier, J. Bregeon,
D. Donato, J. Finke, A. Furniss, J. McEnery, M. E. Monzani, M. Orienti, L. C. Reyes, A. Rossetti,
D. A. Williams
Fermi Large Area Telescope Observations of the Active Galaxy 4C +55.17: Steady, Hard Gamma-Ray Emission and Its Implications
ApJ, 738, 148 (2011)

G. Migliori G., A. Siemiginowska, M. Sobolewska, A. Loh, S. Corbel, L. Ostorero, L. Stawarz,
First Detection in Gamma-Rays of a Young Radio Galaxy: Fermi-LAT Observations of the Compact Symmetric Object PKS 1718-649
ApJ, 821L, 31 (2016)

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