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Cosmic structures and cosmology



We use N-body/hydrodynamical simulations and observations in different bands to investigate the formation and evolution of galaxies, clusters and larger structures. We investigate the role of high-energy astrophysical processes (supernovae explosions and Active Galactic Nuclei energy emission) in the formation efficiency of stars and galaxies. We have also developed the caustic technique, a unique method to estimate the mass of galaxy clusters well beyond the region of dynamical equilibrium. The method is based on galaxy redshifts alone and is complementary to the more popular gravitational lensing techniques.

The wealth of cosmological data is currently interpreted with the ΛCDM model: Einstein's cosmological constant and cold dark matter. However, there is no obvious physical mechanism that can generate the cosmological constant or more sophisticated dark energy fluids, nor is there any convincing direct or indirect confirmation of the existence of the cold dark matter particle. We investigate a wide range of extended and modified gravity models, by making the best possible use of all observational constraints to test the viability of these models at various scales and epochs.


- Hectospec Cluster Survey (HeCS)
- HectoMAP Galaxy Redshift Survey 

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- A. Diaferio
L. Ostorero


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