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Integrable Models



The research team is studying the link between integrable models and other sectors of physics and mathematics. The main research topics are:

  • Integrability in Gauge Theory and AdS/CFT duality
  • Statistical Models and 2D Quantum Field Theory
  • ODE/IM Correspondence and PT-Symmetric Quantum Mechanics


The group has participated in several MIUR-PRIN projects and  in European research and training networks.

Together with the  String Theory group, we are part of the MAST (Modern Application of String Theory) project (progetto di Ateneo 2012 funded by Compagnia di San Paolo).

Together with the Lattice Field  Theory group, we are part of the Statistical Field Theory (SFT) scientific initiative of INFN.

We are cooperation partners of the international Gauge Theory as an Integrable System (GATIS) network, funded by the European Commission.

We are members of the recently-founded  GATIS+ cooperation network involving 15 prestigious European institutions. GATIS+ is an interdisciplinary research and training network devoted to the development of  Gauge Theory  at the interface of  Mathematics, Statistical physics, Computer Algebra and Experiments.

Prodotti della ricerca

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JHEP 1610, 112 (2016)
[arXiv:1608.05534 [hep-th]]

A. Cavaglià, M. Cornagliotto, M. Mattelliano and R. Tateo,
“A Riemann-Hilbert formulation for the finite temperature Hubbard model'',
JHEP 1506, 015 (2015)
[arXiv:1501.04651 [hep-th]]

A. Cavaglià, D. Fioravanti, N. Gromov and R. Tateo,
“Quantum Spectral Curve of the N=6 Supersymmetric Chern-Simons Theory'',
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113 , no. 2, 021601 (2014)
[arXiv:1403.1859 [hep-th]]

L. Anselmetti, D. Bombardelli, A. Cavaglià and R. Tateo,
“12 loops and triple wrapping in ABJM theory from integrability”,
JHEP 1510, 117 (2015)
[arXiv:1506.09089 [hep-th]]

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