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String Theory and Supergravity



Research activity:

The main research lines pursued by our group are:

  • Supergravity (extended, gauged supergravities, applications to black hole physics and cosmology, p-branes and domain walls, Ads/CFT and gauge-gravity correspondence)
  • String Theory (String Field theory, String amplitudes, D-branes and Euclidean branes, String compactifications, String models for phenomenology and cosmology, String dualities)
  • Supersymmetric Gauge Theories (non-perturbative aspects of N=2 theories, localization, gauge/gravity duality, integrability)



The researchers of the group have participated in several MIUR-PRIN projects and to European research and training networks within various frameworks (Science, TMR, RTN, MRTN).

Currently, they are part of the MAST (Modern Application of String Theory) project (progetto di Ateneo 2012 funded by Compagnia di San Paolo) and of the 2015 MIUR-PRIN Project "Non-perturbative Aspects Of Gauge Theories And Strings" (Contract 2015MP2CX4).

They also participate to the activities of the European COST Network "The String Theory Universe".

We are cooperation partners of the international Gauge Theory as an Integrable System (GATIS) network, funded by the European Commission .

 We are members of the recently-founded  GATIS+ cooperation network involving 15 prestigious European institutions. GATIS+ is an interdisciplinary research and training network devoted to the development of  Gauge Theory  at the interface of  Mathematics, Statistical physics, Computer Algebra and Experiments.


Prodotti della ricerca

Recent Publications:

M.Billò, M.Frau, L.Gallot, A.Lerda and I.Pesando

Deformed N=2 theories, generalized recursion relations and S-duality
JHEP 1304 (2013) 039
arXiv:1302.0686 [hep-th]


M.Billò, M.Caselle, D.Gaiotto, F.Gliozzi, M.Meineri and R.Pellegrini

Line defects in the 3d Ising model
JHEP 1307 (2013) 055  

arXiv:1304.4110 [hep-th]


P.Frè, A.Sagnotti and A.S.Sorin

Integrable Scalar Cosmologies I. Foundations and links with String Theory
Nucl. Phys. B 877 1028 (2013)
arXiv:1307.1910 [hep-th]


T.Erler and C.Maccaferri

String Field Theory Solution for Any Open String Background
JHEP 1410 (2014) 029
arXiv:1406.3021 [hep-th]


C.Angelantonj, I.Florakis and M.Tsulaia

Universality of Gauge Thresholds in Non-Supersymmetric Heterotic Vacua
Phys.Lett. B736, 365 (2014)
arXiv:1407.8023 [hep-th]


M.Billò, M.Frau, F.Fucito, A.Lerda and J.F.Morales

S-duality and the prepotential in N=2* theories (I): the ADE algebras
JHEP 1511 (2015) 024  

arXiv:1507.07709 [hep-th]



The generating function of amplitudes with N twisted and L untwisted states
Int.J.Mod.Phys. A 30, no. 21, 1550121 (2015)
arXiv:1107.5525 [hep-th]


L. Anselmetti, D. Bombardelli, A. Cavaglià, R. Tateo

12 loops and triple wrapping in ABJM theory from integrability

JHEP 1510 (2015) 117

DOI: 10.1007/JHEP10(2015)117

arXiv:1506.09089 [hep-th]


S.K.Ashok, M.Billò, E.Dell'Aquila, M.Frau, R.R.John and A.Lerda

Modular and duality properties of surface operators in N=2* gauge theories

JHEP 1707 (2017) 068  

doi: 10.1007/JHEP07(2017)068
arXiv:1702.02883 [hep-th]


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